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Celebrating recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders


To help women in recovery achieve their educational and developmental goals


 In honor of her life and legacy, and a testimony to the power of recovery from addiction, the family of Patricia Ann Strange has created an annual awards luncheon to honor individuals and organizations for their work in the recovery community



What we do

We celebrate recovery, by serving the community...awards, scholarships, celebrations and community advocacy

Patricia Ann Strange Diamond Award

Patricia Ann Strange embodies the true  spirit and example of overcoming adversity.  Her life example and determination is a  true testament to what hard work and resolve can accomplish. With this in mind, individuals and organization who support women in their recovery journey

receive the Patricia Ann Strange Diamond Award

Patricia Ann Strange Diamond Celebration

In existence since 2014,  PASDC is a public  charity.  We are located in the Houston, Texas area.  We host our annual celebration in September in conjunction with Recovery Month.

We raise funds for our host charities and PAS scholarship fund and initiatives.

Patricia Ann Strange Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund  assist women in receiving their high school equivalency certificate 



Greetings Ms. Reescano,

On behalf of our CEO and the entire staff and clients  we sincerely appreciate your timely response and financial support in the educational services to our clients. With the aid of your Voucher Program, PASDC helps us to ensure that the payments of the GED tests are made available to our "GED Ready" clients. For your financial support in our educational services and our networking relationship, we are so very grateful.

Linda J.

Educational Services Instructor

local Houston area women's rehabilitation program

Patricia Ann Strange Community Initiative

Advocates for families with a loved one affected by the disease of addiction.

Donica Strange Reescano

This Queen!!!!!๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘  Donica Strange Reescano Creating encouraging, uplifting, motivating with spiritually-sound content for your listening pleasure. How? By God-given gifts, education, study, life experience, and preparation!!! Join us Saturday on The Recapture Radio Program

10:00 AM 100.7 FM or For our conversations recovering the things that have been lost or taken RECAPTURE !!!!!๐ŸŽฏ๐ŸŽฏ๐ŸŽฏ๐ŸŽฏ๐ŸŽฏ๐ŸŽฏ๐ŸŽฏ๐ŸŽฏ๐ŸŽฏ๐ŸŽฏ


Awards and Recognition

Monica Strange, daughter of Patricia Ann Strange,  was recognized as a Woman of Achievement 2017 for her work with the Patricia Ann Strange Diamond Celebration. Thank you for your support as we reach woman in recovery and the organizations that support them. Monica's award would not have been possible without your support. Please consider sharing the word about the work we are doing. Click the "donate" button below. Contact us for volunteer opportunities Read the articleโ€ฆ/FamilyTime-honors-Women-of-Achievemeโ€ฆ

 PASDC 2021 Diamond Award Recipients :





Dottie Compton, born and raised in Indiana, was married to her husband Rich for 44 years, and together they brought Creative Outreach Ministries into being. Dottie and Rich made their home in Conroe, Texas and chose to be actively involved in the community since 1983. As an ordained minister and licensed biblical counselor, Dottie is the Executive Director for Creative Outreach Ministries and New Life Womenโ€™s Center, both which were formed in response to the love of God in her own life. Over the years, God has used her painful past as a tool to help others. Dottie believes God put greatness on the inside of every person and no matter what we face in life, He will use our challenges to bring us to a place of purpose and significance


My name is Barbara Dorey. I am a ministry leader at Christ the King Lutheran Church for Celebrate Recovery. I had a fairly average childhood ( great parents, a few traumas but for the most part a happy upbringing.)I was raised in the church and I accepted Christ at the age of 16. I finished college with an associates degree in computer science and married my high school sweetheart. We raised two sons while traveling all over the USA for my husband's job. One of my sons fell in love with a manic depressive women who chooses to self medicate with drugs and alcohol. She is the mother of my grandson. I did not know how to handle this. I worried to the point that it was making me ill. One day as I went into Starbucks, I saw an acquaintance of mine, he looked at me and asked if I was alright. Normally I would of said โ€œI am fineโ€ but instead I said โ€œno Iโ€™m notโ€. We sat down and talked for an hour or so. He shared his story and the steps that saved his life . Little did I know that this would start me on my road to recovery. We worked on a step study together and I spoke to him everyday for 10 years. I became so relieved of burdens I did not know I had. I had to give this away to anyone who wanted Godโ€™s love, his wisdom, and freedom from past hurts. I have been doing this for 19 years. My Sponsor said โ€œsomeday you will be happy that an alcoholic came into your lifeโ€. You can imagine the eye rolling I gave him. It turns out that he was right. Having her in my life has led me into my purpose. What can be better than that? I feel content and complete where God has me. I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ who loves to share recovery.


Megan is the founder and president of Heels to Halos nonprofit organization in Houston Texas. Her teams reach women in strip clubs and sexually oriented businesses across our cities. They create a bridge for women who are ready to exit the life of human trafficking, or sex industry into a life of freedom, inner healing, empowerment, and education.

We exist to provide truth, identity and self-worth through non-judgment to women everywhere. Our teams also provide training for churches, groups, and organizations to duplicate strip club outreach in their areas with education, anti- human trafficking training and educating those in the sex industry.

Heels to Halos has  recently launched "People Aren't Price Tags"  in club education. Their team goes inside the strip club educating with classes on signs of human trafficking, budgeting classes, and healthy relationships.

Megan has been set free from addiction and life in the adult industry for over 17 years and counting! She is also the mother of a childhood cancer survivor, three teenagers,  and  just celebrated 17 years of marriage



Inaugural Community Choice Award



The Patricia Ann Strange Diamond Celebration Inaugural Community Choice Award was established to recognize individuals and/or organizations in the community who serve as exceptional supporter for those walking in their sobriety.


Individuals are encouraged to nominate individuals and/or organizations who have made an impact in the lives of individuals recovering from addiction by providing tools/programs and processes that encourage and equip for sober living)

An individual may nominate as many individuals as they choose. All nominees will receive a congratulatory letter acknowledging their nomination.

Community Choice Winner will be selected by a the PASDC Selection committee. For nomination criteria and nomination form and any questions. please contact LaKeidru Blaylock

@ (713) 261-0638 or [email protected]

Nominations will be accepted from June 18- July 9 . The winner will be announced on Sunday, September 19, 2021 @ the PASDC Virtual Event.

 PASDC 2021 - Theme: Believe

September 19, 2021 

6:00 PM Sunday Evening

Patricia Ann Strange Diamond Celebration Presents






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About Recapture

Recapture Radio gives a biblical perspective on living a Christ-centered life as you walk through your recovery journey. Our focus is providing healing for the family with love, knowledge, forgiveness, and information. The host is  Donica Strange Reescano . Guest host  Essence Reescano and Monica Strange

For more information on this program or to book Donica, Monica, or Essence for speaking engagements: email 

From the founder of PASDC - NEW BOOK RELEASE!

30 days of change: a healing journey for the family

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From the Author

On our social media pages, we see "get your steps in, drink your water, lose weight" challenges. These are personal goals and are great! In our challenge for change, what about our children? Well, I have created this 30 days challenge I call "30 days of change: a healing journey for the family." Don't worry it's fun too! I got this concept because every year our family has a tradition to do activities every day in December until Christmas day " 25 days of Christmas." Starting on day one in December we do a fun family-centered activity that culminates on Christmas day. This journey is similar. It's time to create family structure, rules, balance in the home, and create lasting memories. This is 25 days of Christmas without Christmas. Choose one thing that will be the focus of your 30 days such as eating meals together, chores, forgiveness, and healing. Some days will be just for you - a time to reflect, pray, and read the word of God. On other days, the entire family will join in. Make sure to let your family know about the 30-day challenge so they will be fully engaged and see the true change and transformation that is coming.

Pictured above, PASDC 2015  Monica Strange, Cherye Jefferson and

 Donica Strange Reescano, Founder. 



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Words from our Founder

Thank you so much for visiting our website.  This is a personal labor of love for me and I would appreciate your generous support.

Your support will help us as we journey with women as they are improving and enriching their lives.

Donica Strange Reescano

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