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Her Story

Patricia Ann Strange was born October 31, 1948, to Fannie Thacker in Alto, Texas. Patricia and her family later moved to Houston where she attended public schools.

Pat’s family included her mother, Fannie Coleman; sister Annie Thacker (deceased) and brothers Curtis Ray and Charles Thacker.

Pat attended schools in the Houston Independent School District until she married William Travis Strange on July 3, 1965. From the marriage union, Patricia birthed 6 daughters Margaret Ann, Angela Renee (deceased), Shannan Renee, Katie Marie (deceased), Monica Latrice and Donica Patrice.

Pat moved to New Orleans, LA during the early 1970s. It was while she lived in New Orleans that Pat learned to cook her famous gumbo and other dishes. There she also created long, lasting relationships, reared her daughters and blossomed into a young independent woman. During the 1980s, Pat relocated back to Houston due to the death of her husband, “Travis”. She lived in Houston until her untimely death.

During the 1980s and 1990s Pat experienced some personal hardships. A widow at 34 with daughters children to raise, she turned to alcohol and substance abuse to soothe her life hurts. This is not her final story, though, during the late 1990s, determined to make a better life for herself, Pat enrolled into a substance abuse treatment program. She remained clean and sober since June 2, 1996. She also remained committed to the work of helping others obtain sobriety and remain sober. She actively participated in the 5 Alive CA group to help those in Fifth Ward and surrounding areas. She co-founded New Liberty CA group.

Why Diamonds?

In December 2005, Patricia Ann Strange was planning her ten year sobriety celebration. She stated she would have a party and buy her self a diamond.  Unfortunately Patricia passed away prematurely and did not get her celebration or 

her diamond. Her daughter, Donica, decided to celebrate recovery in her honor.  PASDC was born.

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